Increase Oral Sensory Perception With Sponge Sticks

Oral sensory perception, the perception of external stimuli received by the mouth, helps us better perceive the texture/taste/location of the objects we eat, perceive the movement of the various structures of the mouth and perceive the location of articulation, which plays an important role in our daily life and functional development.

Clinical symptoms

1. Hypersensitivity

It shows resistance to occlusal mouth muscle tools, dislike of chewing, obvious vomiting reaction when stimulating the mouth, being fussy about food, resistance to brushing, and inappropriate movements of the organ of composition.

2. Hypoallergenic

Those who are hypoallergenic to their oral cavity show drooling, usually accompanied by hypomyotonia, inadequate tongue retraction, and inability to close the lips naturally; or they prefer oral stimulation and even seek stimulation themselves, such as biting things, playing with their tongues, etc.

3. Defense

Negative or emotional responses to tactile stimuli, manifested as resistance to unfamiliar objects.

4. Fluctuation

The response to the stimulus fluctuates with time and mood changes.

Functions of sponge oral swabs

Toothette disposable oral swabs can reduce oral sensation of children with hypersensitivity by gentle stimulation, can enhance oral sensation of children with hypoallergenic by rapid stimulation, can clean oral food debris and keep the mouth clean, and can even guide children to articulate the “u” sound when rounding the lips by turning the sponge stick.

Operation steps of sponge oral swabs

Step 1: Turn inner cheeks to left and right three times respectively.

Step 2: Make two turns around the outer gums from bottom to top or top to bottom.

Step 3: Roll the tongue three times horizontally from side to side. The sponge stick should touch the tongue and palate at the same time when rolling.

Step 4: Brush three times from inside to outside along both sides of the tongue.

Step 5: Turn three circles along the outer lip to help round the lip exercise.


For children with oral hypersensitivity, the principle of gradual oral stimulation should be followed to avoid the formation of defensive sensitivity.

When the sponge comes off the cleaning swabs sponge stick during use, the sponge should be promptly taken out of the mouth.

The sponge stick is forbidden to use in case of mouth ulcers.

If the mouth of your child is hypoallergenic and no desired effect can be achieved using normal methods, you can increase the sensory perception.

1. Vibration: The sponge stick with vibrator stimulates the child’s mouth through vibration.

2. Taste: Every child likes sweet, so you can stick the sponge stick with something sweet, such as jam, chocolate sauce, and juice, or with some acid flavor stimulation, such as vinegar, and lemon juice.

3. Temperature: dip the sponge stick into the ice water, and then use it to stimulate the inside of the child’s mouth.

Post time: 19-08-22